Chemical Skin Peel

The Revolutionary Perfect PeelTM – Transforms your skin in just one week!


The Perfect Peel can be used on all skin types and requires no pre-peel skin preparation to transform your skin into a younger, healthier and clearer you

What the Ingredients do

Kojic acid is a powerful lightening agent and proven to increase collagen and elastin production, resulting in skin that is brighter and tighter.

TCA, phenol and retinoic acid reduce wrinkles and correct pigment problems.

Salicylic acid exfoliates the skin and reduces inflammation.

Glutathione is the ultimate antioxidant, penetrating deep into the cellular level of the skin to fight oxidant damage and is the anti-aging answer to premature wrinkling.

The Perfect PeelTM Process

To follow The Perfect Peel, you are given an individual home treatment pack.

This pack contains retinol wipes and a vitamin C moisturiser to assist the peeling process and enhance your results.

It is non-invasive, relatively pain-free, safe and effective and the entire procedure takes 15 minutes.

After one application, overall skin tone & complexion will appear smooth, glowing and fresh.

Benefits of the Perfect Peel Process:

  • Improves overall clarity, tone &texture of the skin
  • Reduces or eliminates hyperpigmentation & melasma
  • Controls acne
  • Removes or reduces skin damage
  • Softens fine lines & wrinkles
  • Minimises the appearance of skin pores

Aftercare: Depending on the skin conditions multiple treatments may be necessary for the desired results. A series of 2-3 treatments applied once every 4 weeks

Elegance Cosmetic Clinic Nottingham is listed as an approved clinic on the Perfect Peel Clinic Website.

Neostarata Skin Peel:

Neostrata chemical skin peel contains glycolic, mandelic & citric acids with different options of strength. They used to remove the top layer of damaged skin surface cells and reveals smoother and brighter skin. It is usually a course of treatment after assessment of your skin.
Neostarata has different types of advance skincare products range which are used for different types of skin conditions with proven results.

Wrinkle Reduction and Prevention injections

Cosmetic Facial Injections

Before Treatment you will be given a FREE and no obligation consultation to assess your suitability for the injections and to allow Dr Paul to create your individual treatment plan.

The wrinkle reducing injection contains a purified protein, which blocks the chemical signals that cause muscles to contract and is successfully used to treat wrinkles & facial creases.

This treatment is a well established process, it takes only a few minutes and no anaesthesia is required. The injection is done with a fine needle into specific muscles with only minor discomfort. After treatment, muscles can no longer tighten and the skin flattens, giving a less wrinkled, smoother appearance and a younger look without the need for surgery.

The effect starts in 2 to 7 days with full impact visible in 2 weeks & lasting for 3 to 4 months. As muscle action gradually returns, the lines and wrinkles begin to re-appear and will need to be re-treated.

Over time the lines and wrinkles often appear less severe because the muscles are being trained to relax.

After Care: To reduce bruising, it is best to avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory medications & anticoagulants 2 weeks before treatment.

What I should know about Cosmetic Injections

Areas treated: Frown lines, forehead lines and crow’s feet (around eye)

Side Effects: Minor temporary bruising, mild swelling, bleeding at the injection site due to needle trauma are the most common side effects. Headaches are rare and are normally resolved in 24-48 hours. A small percentage of patients may develop eyelid drooping. This usually resolves in three weeks.

Restrictions to wrinkle reducing: Not suitable for pregnant & breastfeeding women, those who are taking certain muscle relaxants, antibiotics like aminoglycosides or those who have a neuro-muscular disease like myasthenia gravis.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers replace lost volume & plump up your skin, smooth wrinkles & fill out deep lines. They can rehydrate, refresh, refine and restore your facial appearance.

We use Juvederm range of dermal fillers which are a hyaluronic acid base with a local anaesthetic. It is injected in controlled doses under the surface of your skin.

Immediate effects gives a smooth appearance in the face and a younger & natural look. The results are dependent on several factors like where the wrinkles are and their depth, according to individual needs & desired outcome.

For lasting results the treatments will need to be repeated every few months.

Areas treated: nasolabial folds, marionette lines and lip enhancement.

Side effects: Swelling, redness, and bruising in the treated areas due to injection for a short period. Allergies to fillers are very rare.

Cosmetic Skin Treatment Costs

Wrinkle reducing injection:

1 area – £120
2 areas – £150
3 areas – £180

Dermal filler:

Per 1 ml syringe – £220

The Perfect Peel:

£330 for first peel

(Complete treatment will depend on your individual treatment plan after consultation).

Neostrata Skin Peel:

Neostrata skin peel starts from price of £70 for the first peel.



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